Social Media Marketing


Ever saw a shoe ad on your Instagram feed? Or a smartphone advertisement on your Facebook home page? Well, that is just what Social Media Marketing is. Social media marketing is a method to promote your product or your organization on social media platforms.

So whenever you are using your social media to promote a product or service, you are doing something known as Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing has been on the rise since the advent of Mobile devices. The invention of mobile devices allowed everyone to introduce themselves to the world of Social Media. As the social media market grew, more prominent organizations came in to fulfill their motives fulfilled through social media marketing.  

If the organization can take full advantage of the social media marketing, then it can help in many ways, such as, 

  • Increased Brand Awareness. 
  • Qualified web traffic and Conversions 
  • Increased sales lead. 
  • Convert Leads into Paying Customers. 

Social media has so many benefits that traditional media like television, radio, and outdoor simply cannot offer. Let us talk in brief about some of the advantages of Social Media Marketing, 

  • Huge global Reach, 

Social media users have risen up to 4.2 billion, which is a huge number because social media emerged just 16 years ago. Today, 3 in 5 people are active users of almost every social media website available out there. Finding potential customers for virtual businesses is not difficult, considering that you just need a device with an active internet connection available. 

  • Data Measurement 

On social media, you can measure everything. You can count the people who liked your post. You can measure the number of people who watched your video. Using a tracking pixel, social media can even record the actions performed by a user. For example, if you watched say about a new smartphone and later you went on to see the specifications for the device. The social media channel will record your actions and guess upon the fact that you like the product and you are thinking to buy it. Thereby showing you more advertisements for the same product on different website pages and so on.

  • Engage your audience,

Traditional media sources like television, radio, etc., are broadcast formats of content. Meaning that there are a handful of media publishers sharing a message that the audience can respond to. These media sources have evolved themselves to make their media more interactive, but it’s not worth comparing them to Social media. With modern smartphones, everyone has grown up to be a social media publisher. Every smartphone user can now click a picture and then post it to a social media platform then there are billions of people who can respond to that picture by liking it. This unique attribute of social media humanizing a brand helps in improving bonds between people. 

  • Increased Brand Recognition, 

Google has been a hub for Search Engine Marketing because people who search for something on the Search Engines have a higher purchase Intent. However, the search will be only helpful if people are aware of the Brand that the search engine shows. If the search engine displays a brand XYZ on searching for black trousers and the customer is unaware of the Brand, then the customer will not purchase it and will ignore the product. 

Thanks to social media, which can make everyone aware of brands that previously they were unaware of. Social media does this by showing them videos related to that particular Brand. So next time a customer sees a product from the same Brand XYZ, they will become a paying customer. 

  • Drive website traffic, 

Social media is one of the most significant drivers of organic traffic to your website. This can be through the single link available on your Instagram profile or any of your Youtube links or a link from a paid marketing ad. 

  •  Lift Conversion Rates

Every social media user will follow a brand before they decide to buy from them. They become aware of the Brand and, with the regular content, develop trust that the product is of high quality and entitles them to buy from the Brand. This process is called warming up, where social media plays a significant role in developing customers’ trust. 

  • It helps improve Customer Service, 

Customers do not want to waste their time waiting for a customer service executive to solve their queries. Instead, they head on to their social media website and interact with the customer service there. Social media has helped brands improve customer Service since the customers do not have to wait for a call from the executive. 

  • It helps understand the target audience, 

Often at times, many brands fail to get to know their audience and their needs and somehow fail in the promotion of their product. This is where Social Media Marketing comes into play. Social media can get the audience to develop a bond with any product by showing them the post from the Brand numerous times. Social media research to get your target audience is not demanding. It’s just about how you narrow your research while expanding your Reach.  

  • You should compile data on your existing customers and draft out a graph between their age, gender, post they like, etc. 
  • Use social media to listen to conversations that are going on about your brand. This will help you majorly in knowing what the needs and demands of the users are. 
  • Always keep a keen eye on your competition and the steps that the Brand takes. 
  • Understand what your audience wants from your social media channel. 
  • Establish your Reach to your audience on your social media channel. 


Social Media has been a hub for most of the customers now. Everyone is habitual to purchasing online and considers it more efficient than going outside and shopping. Internet, Social Media, Google have been some of the advances in technology which has eased up a lot of the fundamental tasks for everybody. Everything can be performed with the tap of a single button, whether it is about ordering food, booking a cab, booking tickets for a journey, or investing in stocks. Everything can be performed online without any hassle. 


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